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I was born and raised in the "Deep South" of These United States. I've lived in the Southwest and the Midwest. I've lived in the "Far East". I've been to and conducted intelligence operations in South Korea, North Korea, Japan, Germany, Ireland, Kyrgyzstan and Turkey. I've been combat deployed to Afghanistan. I've been assigned to, attached to, trained with or operated with members of the US Army Special Forces, US Army Rangers, US Navy SEALs, US Air Force TACP, US Army 160th SOAR, Task Force Black, US Army 2nd Infantry Division, US Army 4th Infantry Division, US Army 1st Cavalry Division, US Army 2nd Cavalry Regiment, US Army 504th BfSB, Slovenian recon units, South Korean and Lithuanian special forces units and Albanian, German, Colombian, Dutch and Afghan armed forces. I have a 1st degree black belt in TaeKwonDo from the USTA/ITA. I'm Level 2 certified in the Modern Army Combatives Program and have training in Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I'm skilled in the use of many firearms and other weapons systems, including the M249 SAW, M240B, M2HB, AT-4 and M203. I am a registered nurse, licensed in the State of Florida.

My current content is posted at for the foreseeable future, with plans to migrate to this platform.